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New Releases: Columbia 300 Freeze Solid and Freeze Hybrid

The Freeze Solid will allow you to have an earlier read than the Pearl Freeze. This is better on longer patterns when you need more hook.

The Columbia 300 Freeze is now Frozen solid! The Columbia 300 Freeze Solid will increase midlane reaction with a rock hard finish into the pins!

The Freeze Solid Black/Purple/Yellow is currently selling for $84.9900 and rates a 169.9.

When your original Freeze is going a bit too long and you need the ball to start up a little sooner, the Hybrid Freeze is the perfect option!

The Columbia 300 Freeze Hybrid is the perfect mix of solid and pearl materials and is designed for great length and strong back end.

The Freeze Hybrid Black/Blue/Silver is currently selling for $74.9900 and rates a 170.8.

The Freeze Solid and Freeze Hybrid are scheduled to release on May 1, 2012.