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New Releases: Brunswick Fortera Exile and Melee Cross

Brunswick Fortera Exile:

The Fortera Exile features amazing length with the strongest backend reaction we've seen from a Brunswick ball. The great thing about the Exile is that while is is very aggressive at the end of the lane, it's still very easy to read and avoids over/under. This ball is a winner!

The Fortera Exile is the definition of skid/flip.

The Fortera Exile is currently selling for $144.9900 and rates a 229.7.

Brunswick Melee Cross:

The Melee Cross is the definition of a benchmark ball. This ball is so smooth and is a beast on medium-heavy lanes. This is as predictable and controllable as a ball can get. When the lanes get tough, this ball will help you decipher the reaction. Don't be afraid to polish this ball either as it takes surface adjustments really well!

The Melee Cross is designed to provide more overall hook with a smoother ball reaction than the original Melee.

The Melee Cross is currently selling for $119.9900 and rates a 199.9.