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Brunswick Star Towel Reviewed By: epictrancer@yahoo.com 01/26/2012 19:36 ( stars)

ordered this for my girlfriend and i didnt read the description fully to see that its a terry towel. that was one disappointment the second was that it was printed over the top of the fibers of the terry cloth. pretty poor quality for 13 dollars or how ever much it costs. she keeps it just because i got it for her but i wouldnt blame her if she tosses it away. if i were to price this after seeing it i would most likely would put a 1.50 price tag on it.

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Brunswick Star Towel Reviewed By: NeitherSparky 05/20/2010 22:43 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
I ordered this towel to go with my Star shoes and bag that you can see elsewhere on this site - it seemed a no-brainer to get the towel that matched. It says on the towel's tag to wash it before use which made sense as it was kind of stiff and scratchy right out of the package. I machine washed it normally, without bleach or anything, and it went from a near-black with white stars (it was never as dark as it looks in the photo) to a light grey with white stars. It no longer really matches my bag and shoes and I feel kind of ripped off. I could have just grabbed a cheap towel at the pro shop and saved like 10 bucks. If you choose to get this towel maybe try washing it gently in the sink with Woolite or something and flat drying it, maybe then it won't lose all its dye.

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