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Dynasty 2nd - Overseas Release

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I've been bowling for 18 years and I must say that this is the hardest hitting monster of a ball that I ever thrown. The continuation through the pins is just amazing. All I have to do is sniff the pocket with this ball and it's almost as if an atom bomb is dropped in the pit, literally obliterating every piece of wood on the pin deck.
About Me:
Tweener: 17-18 MPH, about 330 RPM
I've only thrown 8 games with this ball before (4 X 4 stacked leverage with pin above ring finger and MB next to the thumb), but it holds so nice and kicks out the 10 playing as deep inside as possible and if I play outside...LOOK OUT...Ball gives a whole new meaning to 10 in the pit (I've always thrown 16 and decided to drop down to 15 with this being my first run with a 15 take that into account when I say "hardest hitting ball EVER"). So far I've been able to bring it back from anywhere and hold a line inside. Dull it's a little too strong to play outside once the lanes start to burn up and would be interested to see if I can play there with it polished.
I'm going to try to post a video within a week.

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