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Strike Cell X Blem MBA

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About the Bowler

League Average:
5 1/8" Right -1/8" Up
Ball Speed:
Bowling Hand:
Right Handed
Sport Shot Average:
Advanced (I have bowled in a league)

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Are you ready for the next generation?

Pin to PAP - Dual Angle Layout 70 x 5.5 x 35
Mass Bias Position - In thumb hole
CG Placement - Just left of center line
Balance Hole - none

Surface Preparation - Box Finish

What I Was Looking For In This Ball Layout:
With all the success of the original Cell, this one was going to be pretty easy. We had to use a special tool developed by Storm in order to lay this ball out. We used the Pseudo Pin method to find and mark the bottom of the weight block because the pin length on this ball was about 8 inches. This made it about 5.5 after we marked the bottom of the weight block. If you click on the link, it will take you to an article that I wrote about using the Pseudo Pin technique.

What I Ended Up With in the Ball and Layout:
Roto-Grip once again has raised the bar with this release. The look the ball had going down the lane alone would sell this ball to anyone who saw it. I guess the best description would be a Cell on steroids. With the Hybrid reactive cover this gave me the look that most bowlers want, long and strong. The Strike Cell got through the front part of the lane smoothly and with little disruption to friction, as it moved through the mid-lane you could see the ball beginning to rev up and start in to its roll, then finishing strong on the backend. This ball hit as hard if not harder then the Cell, this was mostly due to storing more energy for the back part of the lane.

As the shot began to break down due to the number of bowlers on the lane, I was able to move in really deep and bank off of the dry. This ball was much more than expected and definitely made me believe in this Nucleus weight block. It has a very fast revving yet controllable read on the lanes.

Overall this is another winner from Roto-Grip. I think you will enjoy throwing this ball as much if not more then your Cell.
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