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Mongoose Lifter Right Handed Reviewed By: PurpleNikeBowler 06/05/2014 10:55 ( stars)

Let me tell you about the lifter, its a great piece of equipment! Not robotic looking or having knobs or things like that, its simple, con for table, adjustable, and soft velcro material.

This wrist support is meant to help those on their journey to hooking and those who know how to hook but have weaker wrists. It keeps your wrist aligned making your fingers lift to get that beautiful spin you desire. However, you still gotta maintain getting under the ball yourself to get a better hook.

It can be painful at first, call this the 'breaking in' or 'adjusting' period we all know and love! For me when I started, since I wasn't used to the lifter yet I gripped the ball. Subconsciously I was in fear of gripping the ball too much with my middle and ring finger. Which is what I did. Was a little painful from the straps, made my a thumb and middle fingers pretty sore the first two times so make sure to ice your hand if this happens. But once I adjusted so did my entire game!

In my third try with the lifter I bowled an average of 150 above my average of 116 (only been bowling for 2 months) and hit game a high of 176 within this series as well in which I'm proud of. But to all those needing the lifter to hook dont rely on just the lifter, gain knowledge about the fundamentals of throwing a bowling ball from pros and even other bowlers and don't expect easy/fast results it takes time, consistency, and the three R's....RELAX RELAX RELAX.... Other than that have fun! This lifter gave me some confidence in a game I love :) Hopefully it helps you too!

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