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Roto Grip Scream Green/Pink Reviewed By: Jim Kane Ocala Florida 01/24/2014 04:16 ( stars)

I purchased this ball because I have a high rev rate and wanted the weakest reactive resin ball I could find. There are similar weak reactive resin balls but this one has a box finish of 1500 polish. Knowing that the box finish was 1500 polish I was aware I could use a bowling ball spinner to change the cover to a lower grit like 500 or 1000 and I could go higher to grits like 2000, 3000 or 4000. I saw similar balls had 4000 grit out of the box so they could only be changed to hook earlier. This ball could be roughened or smoothed. My best average was 211 last year and that I obtained by mostly using a Ebonite urethane 50 that ball is a Kmart ball that is 30 years old. I throw that ball up 11 and 12. I wanted the Roto-Grip scream to be a reactive I could throw in that 2nd arrow area so I had Jeff Eden's drill my scream pin under the fingers. It was a disaster at the box finish of 1500 polish still around third arrow for me. It got a deep gash in it so I spun my scream down to 500 grit and tried that it put the scream around the center arrow and I had better balls for boards 20 and 25. I spun my scream 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 then hit it with polish. With no practice games I used a 4000 polished weakly drilled scream in the ten minute practice prior to league saw I could throw it up eleven it went straight and flipped hard on the end. I shot 733 without using the box finish. My point is the roto grip scream for me with the box finish was not doing what I wanted it to do go up near second arrow and that is what I wanted it to do when it would not go up second arrow I struggled with it's box finish going up third arrow and sometimes the ball with the weak drilling would sail right and miss the head pin. What I learned with this ball is if it hooks too much at 1500 polish you can weaken it if it hooks to little you can strengthen it to 500 or 1000 grit. Balls with box finishes 500 or 1000 grit can't be made much stronger and balls with box finishes 3000 or 4000 can't be made much weaker. The scream's 1500 polish finish is versitile as long as after you buy it you tell your local pro if your scream hooks too little or hooks too much for where you like too aim pay $5 to have the pro fine tune your scream.

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