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DV8 Dude MEGA DEAL Reviewed By: bannachb 10/27/2013 21:11 ( stars)

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DV8 describes the Dude as “Finished with Royal Shine, the Dude skids easily through the front and mid-lane revving hard on the backend providing a strong and continuous motion on the backend. The Class 4F coverstock has the right muscle with plenty of length and backend flip on medium-oily to light oil lane conditions.”
When I first heard the announcement of the Dude I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. I had been looking for a new “house shot killer” and I had a feeling this was going to be the one. Even before drilling it I changed the surface to 500/Rough Buff instead of the out of box 500/Royal Compound/Royal Shine. I then drilled it Rico (pin in the palm). In the past this layout gives me a strong mid lane read, with a smooth continuous move on the backend. Putting this layout in Dude was absolutely the right decision. The cover/core combo in the Dude is truly something special. Even with the Rico layout, the Dude glides through the heads with ease. It then makes a very strong but smooth move to the pocket.
I did have to adjust my mentality when using the Dude on a house shot. I intended it to be good on the fresh. It is okay on the fresh, but can be a little bit “squirty”. It pushes just a little bit too far on fresh volume. But once the lanes start to break down is when the Dude really shows its power. Once the lanes open up I can literally stand left and throw right. I never have to worry about the Dude reading too early, or losing energy in the choppy heads. This ball is a monster when it comes to playing transition. It will be my go to ball game 2 and on. Also with the Rico layout I don’t get too violent of a reaction off the backend. It is very controllable. If anyone is looking for a ball to replace a Versa Max, I would not shy away from the Dude. The motion is like a Versa Max on steroids.

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