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Roto Grip Rumble Reviewed By: bigmikecraig 10/14/2013 20:33 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    215
Sport Shot Average    200
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
PAP    5 1/4
Lay Out: 4.5" from PAP at 60* PAP angle and 32* VAL angle. Dual angle measurement would be 60/4.5/32. The pin ended up about 1.5" above my ring finger with the CG slightly swung out from the ring finger. The 60* angle put the RG about an inch right of my thumb. I also have a weight hole 5" straight across the center line.

Surface: I am box finish which is 2000 abralon.

Purpose: I wanted to drill up this up to try to fill a benchmark type reaction my arsenal is badly missing.

Lane Condition Observations: I have thrown this on a couple of different patterns: PBA X Chameleon, modified Chameleon ran to 45', and 2 different volume/length house shots on Pro Anvilane. The Rumble was only out of it's element on the 45' shot; It just didn't have the teeth or motor to make any real kind of move off the spot on this pattern. On the house shots, it was smooth off the friction almost like I could keep it closer or in the friction more than my stronger balls like the Marvel-S, Lucid, and Disturbed.

Response to Friction: The Rumble in box condition is a medium to slower response ball. This one reeks of control and gives the impression even shined up some, it will stay in control.

Other Ball Comparisions: I threw it with my Deranged, Lucid, Shout, and Lights Out. Compared to my Deranged, the Rumble is smoother off the spot and not as jerky. The Deranged makes a good strong move off friction and is a higher response ball. My Lucid is still 4000 box and it gets up in the backend stronger than the Rumble. Again another quicker response ball. The Shout gets thru the fronts better event the new duller Shout 2013 gets a lot further downlane then the Rumble. My Lights Out is close reaction wise, but it has to start in the oil first. If I get the Lights Out in the friction too early it checks faster while the Rumble just slows down.

Final Thoughts: If your looking for something that reminds you of the Riot from a couple of years ago, then get a Rumble or two in your bag. A real nice step up from the HP1 line of balls also as it reads earlier and more predictably than the newer Shout 2013 which has the same 2000 surface on it. To use as a true benchmark though, you might need something with a little stronger core/cover combo like a IQ Tour or a solid-based hybrid like the newer Reign On.

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