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Storm Marvel-S Reviewed By: dewbowler2 09/08/2013 17:27 ( stars)

Marvel S Review by staff member Dwyane Da Moude

Being an amateur staff member for the best ball company out there has several advantages, one of them is the opportunity to drill and throw equipment before the general public and give my honest opinions on it.
I purchased two Marvel S solids with excitement! Two years ago I told friends that with my success with the Nano cover on the Virtual Gravity Nano and my success with the Modern Marvel that I couldn’t wait for a chance to throw that combination together. In said time frame the IQ series came out and I truly have enjoyed both the Tour and Pearl with their denser cores!
Fast forward to now and we have the best of all three worlds. I chose to drill one pin down, at a 45 degree from the center of my span, the other off the suggested VLS system from Storm.
Smoothness through the heads explains either layout. My pin down version picks up roll early in the midlane and showed me great promise on longer patterns such as the US Open and the PBA Bear. Although is was semi-useful on a heavier house pattern, for my medium rev rate and axis tilt, it found me guessing at times at which angle played best.
The pin up layout based off the Vector Layout system (VLS) was very versatile on multiple conditions. Only the PBA Wolf and a 36 foot low volume house pattern proved to be unfriendly to it. I found it a great ball to start off sets with, and at times it actually found play time in my PBA Experience league in games 3 and 4 with its ability to navigate carry down and smoothness off the break point!
I recommend this ball for anyone looking for strength and versatility in a ball. If you have been a fan of Nano technology, then I guarantee this to be a staple in your arsenal.
For reference I am right handed, throw high track, 15.75 mph, 350+ rpms, using Turbo Lifts and a Switch Grip thumb insert. PAP: 4-1/2” right x ½” up.
A. Center A- 38’ house pattern (40ml) and PBA Animal patterns (Chameleon, Cheetah, Scorpion, Shark, Bear, Badger and Wolf) , Kegel Kustodian Walker, AMF HPL lane surface, 7 years old
B. Center B- 36’ house pattern (30ml), Kustodian ION, Brunswick Anvil synthetic, 1 year old

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