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Storm Super Natural Reviewed By: Tony Reynaud 08/17/2013 14:27 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    239
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 3/4 over 1 5/8 up
COVERSTOCK: U3S™ Hybrid Urethane
WEIGHT BLOCK: Turbine™ Core
LIGHT WEIGHT BLOCK: Modified Centripetal™ Core
FACTORY FINISH: 1500-grit Polished
BALL COLOR: Red Pearl/Red Solid
DUROMETER: 75-77 Rex D-scale
FLARE POTENTIAL: 3” - 4” (Medium)
WEIGHTS: 12-16 lbs.

My layout: 60 x 3 1/2 "x 45
My PAP: 4 3/4" over 1 5/8 up

When reading bowling ball reviews I feel it is important to know a little bit about the person who is writing them. I not a high rev player and my ball speed is average. Besides my leagues I managed to bowl 60-70 sweepers and tournaments a year.

The Super Natural is not a ball that is going to be in my hand very often. Even though I roll the ball early, I haven’t run into many conditions over the past few years where I needed to drop down to a urethane ball. On the normal house patterns I have tried the Super Natural on, the ball went very straight for me. I had to really work it to make it finish for me. Keep in mind that I could have used a Marvel S on the same condition. A friend of mine that doesn’t use his thumb made the ball look pretty good. I have to consider this ball being a very condition specific ball.

If you’re a high rev player fighting the heads then Super Natural may make a good addition in your bag. If you are a straight guy who bowls on very dry or wood lanes this ball may help you also. I just haven’t run into many situations personally where I needed to use urethane.

In short, since I am a staffer and drill everything Storm comes out with, it won’t hurt me to keep this in my car in case I run into that very dry lane condition down the road sometime. If you are a straight player like me, who can’t drill everything that comes out, I rather see you buy something like the Lights Out or Freak’n Frantic. I think you get more mileage out of either one of those two balls. If you are a high rev player this ball might be the ball for you, because you probably fight the heads more often.. Storm makes many different bowling balls that will work for many different styles. Some balls fit well for some players, and not others, and vice versa. Even though I am not in a position to rave about the Super Natural, that doesn’t mean someone else with different circumstances won’t love it. We staffers write reviews to help people narrow the many choices that are on the bowling ball market.

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