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Brunswick Meanstreak Beatdown MEGA DEAL Reviewed By: brunswick802 08/05/2013 23:16 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    228
Sport Shot Average    205-210
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 7/8" right

Bowler's Stats:
Right Handed
Speed: 18.5mph
Rev rate: 450rpm
Axis Tilt: 8*
Axis Rotation: 30* to 60*

50* by 5" by 50*

Purpose: To give me an steady and strong reaction through the midlane and backend on heavier volume patterns.

On the lanes: I've thrown this ball on my lighter volume 36' house shot, a longer and heavy volume house shot for a tournament, and WTBA Los Angeles. On my home house shot, the Beatdown was almost too much ball even on the fresh. With the 4000 grit surface, the Beatdown required me to back my hand out of it at the release in order to keep it right of the headpin, even from 4th arrow. Although it wasn't the ideal ball for the condition, I got to see just how versatile this ball is with release changes. The ball continued to finish strong through the pins, seemingly regardless of my release. I could take more hand out of it and still watch the Beatdown crush the pocket and split the 8-9. I could play 2nd arrow with more speed and my hand ripping straight up the back of the ball and rip out 10 pins all day. Like I said, it wouldn't be my go-to ball on the pattern, but it's pretty awesome when "Plan E" still looks amazing through the pins. Now recently I bowled in a tournament on a longer and heavy volume house shot. Despite looking around and seeing several others leaving 2-10 combinations, I reached for the Beatdown and got the midlane read that others couldn't easily find early on. I started out playing 3rd arrow out to 5-6-7 and just slowly crept in as needed. The Beatdown read the last couple feet of the pattern and gave a strong recovery off of the breakpoint. At the pins, it's like the ball just continually pushed all 10 pins straight off the back of the pindeck; as if the ball just sucked the pins back with it. Although the pins really fly at this particular center, it didn't matter because the ball just flushed up perfectly for textbook strikes all the time. The midlane read it gave me early on in the tournament let me hit the ground running instead of having to make up pins later on as the pattern broke down more. Scoring big early got me into the cut line and definitely freed up my armswing. On WTBA Los Angeles, I had a similar look with the Beatdown as I did with my Aura Mystic. I could throw it over 3rd arrow, bank it off the lip at 36', and just let it run the pocket over. On this pattern, the only difference between the Beatdown and the Aura Mystic was the length of the hook spot at the gutter. The Beatdown was a much more even and arcing shape at the gutter in comparison to the Aura Mystic.

In comparison to the original Meanstreak (with the same layout), the Beatdown is easily 8-9 boards stronger for me with a ton more midlane read. Compared to the Meanstreak Brawler (slightly weaker layout), the Beatdown is about 4-5 boards stronger with still more of a arcing motion and it still starts up earlier. The closest comparison in the Brunswick line would be the Aura Paranormal. My Beatdown is a 2 board move right with my feet from my strike line for the Aura Paranormal. Their motion starts at about the same length downlane but the Beatdown checks up just a hair harder.

What I really think makes this ball special is the control of the midlane is provides that is so crucial on tough patterns. Upon seeing the motion of the ball in just my first couple of shots, I immediately thought this Beatdown could be making the flight with me to Reno next year and will be in my bag for all sport pattern tournaments. If it looked good on a 36' sport pattern, I can only imagine how much control I'll have of patterns in the 39-44' range.

Summary: The Beatdown is firmly planted in my arsenal for longer/heavier conditions, especially sport patterns. The 4000 grit cover reads the midlane like no other and the medium RG core saves energy for where it matters. That midlane control makes it essential for fresh sport patterns and house patterns on the heavier side. If you feel the need for a stronger ball that will actually read the midlane without hooking too early, the Beatdown is a must!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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