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DV8 Endless Nightmare Reviewed By: brunswick802 07/23/2013 22:14 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    228
Sport Shot Average    205-210
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 7/8" right
Bowler's Stats:
Right Handed
Speed: 18.5mph
Rev rate: 450rpm
Axis Tilt: 8*
Axis Rotation: 30* to 60*

45* by 5" by 50*

To hook......a lot.....

On the lanes:
Allow me to be totally honest, upon getting this ball I couldn't really picture using it very much on everyday conditions based on my release stats. There are times I do see long and heavy volume patterns and this ball was drilled solely with those patterns in mind. All I can say is MY GOD THIS BALL HOOKS. Bowling in a tournament on Scorpion in a house that doesn't hook much, the Endless was still too much ball on the fresh. Half the field that I saw couldn't start deeper than 3rd arrow and here I am trying to just keep it on the right side of the headpin in practice (first time I'd ever thrown the ball). Actually had a buddy go ahead and pre-order this ball based on those few shots. I was awestruck by the strength of this ball. Ended up using the Aura Paranormal for practically the entire tournament. During practice, I had the Endless Nightmare being a full 9 and 5 move inside of the Aura Paranormal (note the the Endless was completely fresh out of the box and my Aura Paranormal has around 60 games on it but is well maintained).

I would talk about how the Endless fares on my lower volume 36' house shot, but, as you can guess, it's wayyyyyyyy too much ball. Not surprising since bowlingball.com rates it as the strongest ball they've ever seen according to their perfect scale. As far as I have been told, it is indeed unofficially the strongest ball ever created. It could probably hook out of a gutter...

Fast forward to a practice Session on a high-volume 51' flat pattern on Pro-anvilane. Now this is what I was waiting for. Granted I couldn't hook the whole lane with the Endless, but it sure hooked a lot more than anything else on this pattern. on the fresh I was throwing my Aura paranormal over 4th arrow and aiming at the center of the 3 pin. It would hook the 2-3 boards in order to get to the pocket but no more. With the endless, I could play 4th arrow but aim at the 6 pin and have it hook 7 boards back to the pocket and shred rack after rack after rack. Also with the strong asymmetric core, it stood up fast enough to make getting the corners out easier. I know saying the ball hooks 7 boards and saying it's insanely strong in the same setting is odd for some bowlers to read, but when 51' of 60' of the lane is basically pure ice, hooking the ball 7 boards makes me feel like I'm playing 7th arrow out to the 1 board and having it come back. To put it more into perspective, I was outhooking two-handers on the pair with ease. Next time I compete on long and heavy patterns like Mexico City and London, I'll be licking my chops!

HOLY SCHNIKES THIS BALL HOOKS!!! If you need some serious hook then you have no reason to look elsewhere. The Endless, for me, is only for the heaviest of patterns. I dare you to find a ball that hooks more than this one: you won't! This ball will be at the top of every bowler's arsenal and is an absolute must if you don't see enough reaction from your current equipment. Be prepared to have a ball that will hook back from everywhere!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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