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Hammer Nail Titanium Reviewed By: gobeavers92 06/24/2013 14:06 ( stars)

Ball Review – Hammer Nail Titanium
I drilled my Nail Titanium with a 5 ¼ in pin under my middle finger with the CG kicked out (5 ¼ x 3). I added an extra hole on my VAL 2 inches down from my PAP. I have had a chance to throw the Nail Titanium for about a month now and have seen it on multiple patterns. This ball is designed to go long and finish strong on the back end but I am not a big fan of balls that make a super strong move when they see the friction so I went with the lower pin and low hole to smooth out the reaction when the ball hits friction. The Nail Titanium glides through the front part of the lane with ease. I took the shell down with a 2000 pad and then added a light polish and the ball still pushed through the front with no effort whatsoever. That was very nice to see. Once this ball gets to the end of the pattern that’s when the Nail Titanium really shines. This ball revs up nicely as it exits the pattern and rolls very heavy. I was very pleased as it revs up hard but does not jerk at the end of the pattern. Part of that has to do with the way I drilled this ball. If someone is looking for a hockey stick reaction (long and snap) I am sure this ball drilled weaker with a high pin would deliver that type of reaction as it stores up so much energy through the front part of the lane. I am very impressed with the versatility of this ball (core and cover). This is a great ball when fronts and the track start to burn up and you need a ball that will glide down the lane. Then you can use different drill patterns to dictate how you want to see the ball roll as it exits the pattern. The Nail Titanium stores up a lot of energy and hits great. I love how this ball rolls through the pins. With a lot of medium to dry lane balls the pins tend to fly around too much and it can affect carry. The Nail Titanium keeps the pins very low and the carry is phenomenal! If you are looking for a medium to dry lane ball the Nail Titanium is a winner!

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