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Hammer Taboo Jet Black Reviewed By: Juanito 05/06/2013 20:49 ( stars)

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So, here's the deal. I have no particular affinity for any specific manufacturer. I buy balls based on specs and observation. As such, I have no ax to grind with Storm. I just updated my arsenal for the year. My book average is 223. I throw about 16 miles per hour, have medium revs, and a high track.

I purchased the Storm IQ Tour pearl along with a Hammer Taboo Jet Black and a Taboo Deep Purple. I will use this same review for all three balls. My initial thought was that the Jet Black might have predictability issues, like the old Black Widows.

Not so my friends the Jet Black went very long and was super strong on the turn, every time with a real nasty but controllable snap to it. The Jet Black was best on a tweener shot. The Deep purple was equally predictable but I played farther inside with it. Yikes! it rolled up so smooth and was so controllable. I played from a tweener position all the way to a cranker shot. It was all good. It was best on a cranker shot. The IQ Tour pearl was a train wreck and did nothing well.

I had bookend 247's with the two Hammers and a zippy 158, in between, with the Storm IQ Tour. Keep in mind, that with testing new equipment, scoring was not my main concern. My intent was to calibrate the new balls against one another, i.e. what would each do on a stroker, tweener, and cranker shot. However, the scores do speak for themselves as it pertains to how easy the ball is to manage. The ball needs to work for the bowler, not vice-versa.

The main problem I found with the Storm ball was that it was super volatile. It was like a race car on steroids. As soon as it hit friction, (early or late) it made a sharp left turn and never quit running. I literally moved all over the approach trying to find the best route to the pocket. The only way I could get there was to wind up and throw a fast ball. I even backed my fingers way off, to little avail. This ball was so vicious, it makes me wonder how a conventional grip would work .... seriously.

I am not going to give up on it, just yet. Other high average bowlers I know have had good luck with it. I am going to put it on the spinner and take the surface to 4000 abralon, then try it again. If I still have issues, I will polish it and try a third time. If there is any significant improvement in control, I will review it again. If it seems to need a layout change, I will just scrap it. The Hammers work great. Every time I update an arsenal, some balls work and some either don't or are just too much trouble to deal with.

As of now, I am loving the two taboos and am not happy withe the IQ Tour pearl.

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