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Roto Grip Defiant Soul Reviewed By: bigmikecraig 04/09/2013 23:03 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    215
Sport Shot Average    200
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
PAP    5 1/4
Lay Out: 4 3/4" from PAP at 45* PAP angle and 60* VAL angle. Dual angle measurement would be 45/4.75/60. I have a 7/8" & 2" deep weight hole in the P3 position.

Ball Surface: I started box finish which is 360/500/4000.

Lane Condition Observations: I have thrown this on a couple of different patterns: Our league pattern which is around a 38' shot and I also threw this on our state tournament shot that was a 40' modified house condition. On our league pattern, the OOB finish was too early off the spot. I had to get inside of the oil line to get the ball down lane at all. When I did this the backend move was still very strong and the pins danced around the deck quite a bit. On the modified 40' house pattern, this ball came to life. The Soul rolled up very strong on the back end and even gave me some area to the right of target. The longer and more blended pattern is a better place to put the Soul on the rack. Our house condition is more medium length and medium volume and the Soul would need a smoother surface to compete better on that condition.

Other Ball Comparisons: I did get to throw it some side by side with my Defiant Edge, Disturbed, and Nomad Dagger. The Edge pushes about 3-5 foot further down the lane and was a good "ball down" option when the Soul started to check up to early as it had a similar look on the lanes. The Disturbed was very similar in that is was early reading, but the Soul pushed thru the front of the lane a little better. I would recommend "balling up" to the Disturbed if your Soul is not quite making the corner or loping too long off the spot. The Dagger was longer than the Soul and smoother/earlier than the Edge. The Dagger was not a good comparison ball because it is in an entirely different category and would need major surface to handle the volumes the Soul effortlessly takes on.

Final Thoughts: I see a good looking ball that is starting to make its way on the ball returns here in central Ohio. I am myself going to punch one up with a pin high layout and try to get a "stage" of reaction similar to the Defiant Edge that I am throwing quite a bit lately. Out one of these in your bag if you need something to bridge the gap from your stronger balls to your medium reacting balls.

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