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Roto Grip Shatter Reviewed By: Salfino 04/07/2013 17:21 ( stars)

I am a medium-to-high-speed, medium-rev player with a 220 composite avg who likes to play more direct. Ignore the hook ratings. This is a benchmark ball for sure on most house shots. It will turn and it will continue on through the pin deck. Mine is drilled pin the ring finger. I've kept it box. It got a little squirrelly on me after 30 games or so and then I just had my pro-shop guy Ken Yokobowsky hit it with some Storm polish and resurface it to the 1,500 box finish and it's good as new. You will have to move in a little. I don't like to get inside 12 or 13 at the arrows and 7-to-9 at the break points and do not have to on THS. My mistake early with this ball was to go with something stronger when I needed to move in. Now, I just move in with this ball and make sure I stay firm. Outside of transition that requires a move, this ball never lets me down when I hit my mark in the front of the lanes AS LONG AS I MAINTAIN GOOD BALL SPEED. If you're looking for a lot of area because you play the back of the lanes, I don't know if this ball is skid-flippy enough for you. Of course, skid-flip is the last thing I'm looking for. To me, this ball is very much like the Hy-Road in bringing unexpected hooking power and versatility for the buck. I've paired mine with the Scream, which is about two-to-five boards weaker depending on where you play (two for me) and even cheaper. So for $150 bucks plus drilling I have two balls that are sure to handle all but the longest house conditions.

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