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Storm Lucid Reviewed By: dewbowler2 03/31/2013 20:39 ( stars)

Storm Lucid Pearl
pin down 55 degree with cg kicked right
4-1/2” -> ½” ^
A. Center A- 38’ house pattern*, USBC Nationals patterns both (team and singles and doubles) also Abbey Road, Middle Road and Sunset Strip patterns from Kegel. Kegel Kustodian Lane Walker, AMF HPL lane surface and used the new Kegel Ice lane conditioner.
B. Center B- both 36’ and 39’ house patterns, newest generation Brunswick Anvil Lane surface (less than 1 year on install) Kegel ION machine, type of oil unknown.
C. Center C- 8 lane wood house with typical wood pattern, large volume in heads and middle, but showed a distinct out of bounds if sent right too early. Characteristics of liking to be play up the boards’ aroung 12-13 board or major move to 25 on approach and launching out to 13-15 area at arrows. Silver Bullet lane machine, oil unknown.
Surfaces preps:
1. Factory finish
2. 2000 Abralon
3. 2000 Abralon w/ Storm Step One Finishing Compound
4. 500 Abralon straight to 3000 Abralon
For reference I throw high track, 15.75 mph, 350+ rpms, using Turbo Lifts and a Switch Grip thumb insert and I am right handed. My span is 4-1/8” middle finger, 1/4” ring finger with laterals being ¼ left, 5/8” right with ¼” reverse on both fingers, Switch Grip thumb at 0 pitch in any direct on thumb. I use a 45 degree oval at a width of .090.
1. Factory finish;
I used this ball fresh off the press in the Qubica/AMF regional at Lincoln, NE. Sun Valley Lanes. This ball gave me a great look on the fresh Viper pattern, but as the lanes transitioned I had to put it away. Very strong pearl, I repeat, very strong! I was amazed at the recovery power and energy of this ball. If you enjoy covering boards this gem is what you need! Strong move on the backend, very angular is not a good enough term.
2. Adjusting to 2000 Abralon;
Taking this ball to 2000 tamed it some, making it read much earlier and creating a little more hold. I had the most success with this cover management on House ‘A’ and House ‘C’ lanes on their house shots.
3. 2000 Abralon w/ Storm Step One Finishing Compound;
This may have been my worse look on the Kegel patterns. My ball roll did not match this surface prep well on any of the house patterns. By increasing my side roll I did notice a much angular move, but my ball speed did not match up well and I created my own over/under at release. I believe a slower speed with fewer revs or more speed with a higher rev rate would have enjoyed this look and reaction.
4. 500 Abralon straight to 3000 Abralon;
This is a finish fellow staff member Rob Gotchall passed on to me, and I felt very excited from the first moment I used it! This low grit to high grit finish allows the ball to burn some early energy but still retain a big punch at the pocket. On the shorter, low volume patterns I found this ball was just a little too much. Add some volume though and this ball is super! I use it almost weekly now, whether first out of my bag or in transition from my Sync or Reign of Power, but you got to love a strong pearlized ball that does not over react! I have found it to play pretty sound on all of the Kegel patterns.
If you want possibly the best pearl ball ever made, you have to consider the Lucid! Length, backend and continuation are exactly what you get. The coverstock is very user friendly, so don’t be afraid to tweak it to your needs!

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