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Storm IQ Tour Pearl Reviewed By: dewbowler2 03/31/2013 19:12 ( stars)

Storm IQ Tour Pearl

4? x 4? with 2? pin buffer from VAL
4-1/2? -> ?? ^


A. Center A- 38? house pattern*, USBC Nationals patterns both (team and singles and doubles) also Abbey Road, Middle Road and Sunset Strip patterns from Kegel. Kegel Kustodian Lane Walker, AMF HPL lane surface and used the new Kegel Ice lane conditioner.

B. Center B- both 36? and 39? house patterns, newest generation Brunswick Anvil Lane surface (less than 1 year on install) Kegel ION machine, type of oil unknown.

C. Center C- 8 lane wood house with typical wood pattern, large volume in heads and middle, but showed a distinct out of bounds if sent right too early. Characteristics of liking to be play up the boards? aroung 12-13 board or major move to 25 on approach and launching out to 13-15 area at arrows. Silver Bullet lane machine, oil unknown.

Surfaces preps:
1. Factory finish
2. 2000 Abralon
3. 4000 Abralon
4. 2000 Abralon w/ Storm Step One Finishing Compound

For reference I throw high track, 15.75 mph, 350+ rpms, using Turbo Lifts and a Switch Grip thumb insert and I am right handed. My span is 4-1/8? middle finger, 1/4? ring finger with laterals being ? left, 5/8? right with ?? reverse on both fingers, Switch Grip thumb at 0 pitch in any direct on thumb. I use a 45 degree oval at a width of .090.


1. Factory finish;

This was a good look on both centers house shots (including both house ?B?s long and short patterns. It was very strong on its move in the dry on both lane surfaces. I found it to like the Anvil surface much better. Only issues I seen with the factory surface was when you encountered some carry down or if the lanes had only had the heads reran prior to the next squad.

2. Adjusting to 2000 Abralon;

When making this surface adjustment the first thing I really noticed was how much smoother the Pearl would play. Unlike many pearlized balls I have thrown prior to this, the IQ Pearl really smoothed it?s transition out. I found it to play both house patterns in centers A and B much truer. This look did tend to not roll as well on either Kegel Pattern Abbey Road or Sunset Strip, with minimal success on Middle Road.

3. Adjusting to 4000 Abralon;

I found this 4000 finish to be very user friendly. It made me feel very confident to go to this ball after opening up the lanes first with either the Lucid or Sync. I found it to force me too far right on the fresh and take some of my carry away from me, but once the lanes started to transition, I felt much more comfortable grabbing the IQ Pearl and moving inside. On all three surfaces; Anvil, HPL and wood this ball in 4000 Abralon allowed you to be very relaxed and confident. You have room to miss a little in and it holds nicely, as you can miss wide some as well. For guys with limited ?old man roll? like myself, you will want to not try and hook the lane. You will be sad as the energy is not there if too many boars covered in my rev range. Higher rev players should not see this issue.

4. Adjusting to 2000 w/ Storm Step One Finishing Compound;

To this day, this is the finish I keep on this ball. It does not always match up on the HPL fresh house shots (center A) but on wood or Anvil on low volume patterns, this ball is a God send! Just last week created a nice 794 set with only one error. Length, energy and predictability are what this combination gives you. This ball will only over-react if you literally grab it and pull it at the bottom of the swing. There can be a point where you will get forced too deep and carry may suffer, but I would like to point out this may show more in my game than yours?


I feel that the IQ Tour Pearl is possibly one of the best symmetrical block pearls on the market! Forgiving and not overly jumpy, even in box finish, I cannot imagine heading to a tournament without at least one of these in my bag. If you want hitting power and forgiveness, then I high recommend putting an IQ Tour Pearl in your arsenal today!

Please remember, no matter what ball you purchase next, seek an IBPSIA certified professional to help you make your choice and evolve your game to the next level!

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