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Brunswick Ringer Reviewed By: DaBoss300 03/18/2013 11:07 ( stars)

Ball Roll - From the very first time I threw this ball I knew it was going to be a special ball! I was a little worried about this ball being a little to clean for me because of my lower track and higher ball speed. I went with the philosophy of drilling the weaker balls strong to all the shell of the ball to project the ball down lane to conserve it’s energy. This ball is probably the biggest surprise out of the three new balls. The ball got down the lane super easy and made a very controllable and predictable backend reaction. I was a little surprised that with this layout the backend reaction was as flippy as it is.

I’ve thrown this ball on anything from our THS to the PBA Cheetah pattern on old wood lanes with Lane Shield over the top. On the THS pattern I was able to get this ball to work because of the amount of backend this ball provides. It was a little longer than I like to see, but a simple move close to the gutter cured that problem. On the PBA Cheetah pattern, which is where I really wanted to use this ball, it was a little to clean and angular off the fresh! Once the oil started to carry down I was able to go to the Ringer and throw it towards the gutter and have the confidence the ball get far enough down the lane and get back.

What I compared this ball to - I compared this ball to my Karma Pearl (Pink/Purple). I found the Ringer to be cleaner and longer than the Karma Pearl with a more continuous and angular backend. I can’t wait to get another Ringer and drill it pin up!

Strengths: PRICE! This is a heck of a ball for the price! Pearl cover stock allows the ball to be the cleanest ball in the Brunswick line. Another strength of this ball is the controllability of this ball, as this give me even more confidence.

Weakness: Only stating the obvious as this ball does not perform well on longer/heavier oil patterns

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

Jason Jones
Brunswick Staff
Bloomington, IL

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