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Brunswick Nexxus f(P+R) Reviewed By: Dustin B. 02/23/2013 07:01 ( stars)

This ball is amazing. It has given me the back-end motion that I\'ve been looking for. For years, I\'ve used a Bruswick Rampage and with that ball I had to play down and in with it, which was fine because I was averaging 224 with that ball bowling that way. The problem I was having with that ball was when I would miss out, it wouldn\'t come back at all. With the Nexxus, I can play more in the middle of the lane which opens up the lane more, and if I miss out, this ball has shown the ability to come back hard with a vengence. Now if you miss high, this ball will give you splits because it\'s so strong that it will not only cut through the nose when you miss high, but shred the pins like butter and continue to hook through them, leaving you with an impossible split as a result.

Likewise when you hit the pocket, the pins explode and you get alot of power and pin action. I haven\'t thrown this ball in league yet, but have thrown it alot in practice to try to get the hang of it, and all I can say is this ball will give you alot of strikes. When you are on your game with this ball, it will find the pocket almost at will. It will seem like you can\'t miss with it and you will feel very confident that you can\'t miss no matter what you do. But because of that consistent back-end power motion, if you do miss high, this ball is unforgiving and that is a good thing. You want it to be unforgiving because you\'re getting that same high back-end motion every single time, so if you miss high, you know what to expect.

I just got done bowling 9 games in a row with this ball, and out of those 9 games I bowled a 258, 268, 279, 245, and 228 which were the high games out of those 9. The rest were in the low 200\'s with one 168 as an exception which was actually one of my best games of the set believe it or not because in that game, every shot was in the pocket. It wasn\'t my fault I kept getting 9 counts with ringing 10 pins, lol. Long story short, this ball is incredible and you will look like a pro to everyone around you. I highly recommend it.

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