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Brunswick Ringer Reviewed By: brunswick802 02/02/2013 22:35 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    228
Sport Shot Average    205-210
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 7/8" right
Bowler’s Stats:
Right handed
18.5 mph
450 rpm
7 degree tilt
35-45 degree rotation

50 by 5.5” by 50
No hole
OOB surface

It’s finally happened! I think I speak for the masses when I say that we were waiting for the same technology used in high performance balls to be used at the lower end of the price scale. Before even throwing it, I know I have in my hand a high performance ball at a great price. The same chemical friction technology used to create covers in Brunswick’s higher performance categories is now available in the Ringer. I struggle late in tournaments when the pattern is blown to bits and people start getting wayyyy inside and possibly start lofting the gutter. With my rev rate and tilt (or lack of tilt I should say) I need a ball to go really long and still pop off the spot so I can play right as long as possible. Hence, I went with the weaker layout to help aid in that.

On the lanes:
My 39’ medium volume house shot was absolutely no match for the Ringer. I saw incredibly easy length through the heads and midlane before an angular move to the pocket. I started the day crossing 15 at the arrows out to a breakpoint of 5-6-7. Although the ball looked great on the fresh, the reaction became untouchable as the practice session wore on. Once a bit more friction was created, I could pipe it up the track area or jump in and really hit on it at the bottom and send the pins flying either way. While moving in and ripping on it after some burn was created, it was unfair how much miss room it gave me. Shots sent seemingly out to no-man’s land scrapped and came up dead flush. Most importantly, shots pulled into the puddle of oil in the middle weren’t squeamish to the lack of friction and would still face up enough to send all 10 straight back. Compared to the Meanstreak on the fresh, the Ringer for me needs a 2 board move outside with my feet but I can throw it to the same spot downlane if not a board outside (keep in mind my Meanstreak is drilled with similar angles but about 1” stronger pin placement). My Ringer pushes further past the start of the friction (about a foot or two) than the Meanstreak before making its move back to the pocket. However, when the pattern becomes more burnt up, the Ringer will hook the same about of boards as the Meanstreak but it will actually push downlane and still give a big backend move whereas the Meanstreak might begin starting its motion sooner and lose energy. Now when the Meanstreak becomes a bit too much ball or starts a little too early, I know I can automatically jump into the Ringer, stand in the same place, target the same spot, and be very close to being perfectly lined up without any guessing games. Except for bowling on a very long and heavy pattern, this ball is not going to be scarred to hook up to the pocket. Some weak balls have to have a ton of friction to strut their stuff. Not this ball! The Chemical Projection Technology cover lets the Ringer get really get downlane before the cover grabs hold for a consistently angular backend.

Overall thoughts:
I predict this ball is really going to save me some pins when I have to get deep in long tournaments. I know the cover will let me throw a comfortable shot and still consistently check up where I want it to without me having to force it through the fronts. The Ringer adds the weaker half of a 1-2 punch with the Meansteak. Tom Smallwood said it best in Brunswick’s Video: The Ringer doesn’t hydroplane past the breakpoint and actually reads the proper spot downlane. Combine that with the fact that Brunswick has put their latest and greatest chemical coverstock technologies into a ball in a lower price point and you have a ball that should be a no-brainer to add to your bag.

Good luck and good bowling!

Jared Wolf
Jonesboro, AR
Brunswick Advisory Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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