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Brunswick Meanstreak Brawler Reviewed By: baer300 01/27/2013 21:10 ( stars)


The Meanstreak Brawler is the newest addition to the High Performance line. This ball utilizes the Adaptive Chemistry coverstock. The MB uses a a Hybrid version of the cover found in the original Nexus. The cover is f P+F. I am slightly rev dominant and found the original to be a little smooth when playing deep. The MB is not the same way.

My first one is drilled 60x5x80 with a hole 2" down on the VAL. This layout allows me to play straighter during the fresh. I can still chase the oil line left without loosing hit. I can only go so far though before I have to change balls. I could avoid changing balls by simply getting around the ball more but the Ringer is usually a better option. When compared to a Meanstreak drilled 30x4.5x70 with hole on PAP, the Brawler is still smoother and about 2ft earlier with about 2 boards more hook.

My second one is drilled 30x6x40 with a hole on my PAP. As with my pin down I can start with this ball and chase the oil left. The difference is that with the pin up, I can use this one longer. I can usually finish a block with this unless I run out of lane. Compared to a Meanstreak drilled 55x5x35 hole on PAP, they are very similar with hook potential. The Brawler is earlier and smoother. Not much though.

The Meanstreak Brawler is another great benchmark type ball. If you loved the Versa Max like everyone else does, the Brawler will be cleaner a little sooner but more continuation.

Adam Baer
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Staff

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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