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DV8 Diva Reviewed By: bannachb 01/18/2013 21:19 ( stars)


DV8 describes the Diva as a ball that “Finished with a High Gloss Finish, the Diva skids easily through the front and mid-lane revving hard on the backend providing a strong and continuous motion showing the pins who’s boss. The Class 6G coverstock has just the right attitude on medium-oily to light oil lane conditions.”

Before I even drilled the Diva I knew I was going to love it. I am a big fan of symmetric equipment and seeing that the converstock was stronger than the Marauder Madness, I was very excited. I decided to put one of my favorite layouts in the Diva, 5x3x2. In the past this layout has allowed me to get left and open up the lane a bit. To prevent squirt, I knocked the factory finish of the Diva, and but 3000 abralon on the Diva.

I am unbelievably impressed with the Diva! She allows me to get left, and then keep going left. I have never seen continuation like I see out of the Diva. No matter how deep I got, the Diva rolled through the 8 pin every single time. When other balls would roll out, the Diva just keeps driving.

On a THS, I started at 13 with a breakpoint at about 6 board, and by the end of the night I was crossing at about 25 with a breakpoint still out at around 7-8. On the first night out of the box I shot 772.

I also was able use the Diva on the 45’ Mexico City pattern. The Diva handled the length and volume with ease. I was able to start at about 17 with a breakpoint of 13, and the Diva went through the pins extremely hard. As the pattern broke down I was able to continue moving in and never lost reaction from the Diva. I never had to change balls in 4 games.

Do not let the name of color fool you. The Diva is a very strong piece of equipment! At the same surface it is roughly 3-4 boards stronger than the Marauder Madness. Throw this ball and you will turn heads!

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