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DV8 Brutal Nightmare Reviewed By: bannachb 01/18/2013 21:18 ( stars)

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Brutal Nightmare

DV8 describes the nightmare as a ball that “Finished with a Rough Buff Finish, the Brutal Nightmare skids easily through the front and mid-lane with an extremely quick response to friction on the backend creating a highly continuous motion that pummels the pins. The Brutal Nightmare with its new Class 8 Hybrid Reactive coverstock is the most skid / snap DV8 ball to date and should be used on medium oily to oily lane conditions.”
I have always struggled with asymmetric equipment revving up too quickly and burning up all it’s energy before it gets to the pins. So with the Brutal Nightmare we decided to try something a little different. We drilled it to retain as much energy as physically possible. We decided to go with a 90* x 2.5 x 50* layout. This would allow the Brutal Nightmare to get down the lane, and make a smoother move on the backend thus retaining as much energy as possible.
I LOVE this ball on a house shot. It is strong enough to handle the oil in the middle but it is smooth enough not to overreact if I get in into the dry to quick.
My first night using it was on a house shot and I was pleasantly surprised with the reaction I saw. When I would normally see a the ball rev up and burn up, the Brutal Nightmare floated through the heads and made a strong controlled move on the backed. When I would miss out it still retained energy and made a strong move, and while in the past I would have left a plaque ten, the Brutal had plenty of energy left to carry.
I have also used the Brutal on the Earl Anthony 40’ pattern. The Brutal gave me a great reaction look on this pattern. While others were having trouble with their ball either struggling to handle the volume, or struggling with controlling the breakpoint, the Brutal gave me the best of both worlds. It was strong enough to overcome the upfront volume, but did not go sideways off the friction. And, once again, it still had energy at the pins.
While I drilled the Brutal Nightmare slightly unconventional, it does exactly what I was hoping it would. This layout will allow me to use the Brutal on a multitude of different patterns, when I need easy length but a strong controllable motion.

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