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DV8 Misfit Pearl Neon Yellow MEGA DEAL Reviewed By: brunswick802 01/10/2013 05:15 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    228
Sport Shot Average    205-210
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 7/8" right
DV8 Misfit Pearl
Bowler’s Stats:
18.5 mph
450 rpm
10 degree tilt
35-55 degree tilt

70 by 6” by 20
No hole
OOB Surface

With my lower tilt and higher rev rate, I often have issues getting a ball far enough downlane when the pattern gets blown apart. I bowl tournaments in houses where 5th arrow comes into play relatively quickly and I need to get it and wheel it with the big boys. I went with this layout to let the ball really scoot downlane before letting loose on the backend.

On the lanes:
To this point, I’ve only had the pleasure of throwing the DV8 Misfit Pearl on two house shots. At my home house with pro-Anvilane and medium volume/medium length pattern, the Misfit Pearl was the clear option as the pattern broke down. With so little friction on the fresh, the Misfit Pearl scoots a little too much through the midlane for my liking. That is not what this ball is for. This is the ball for dry heads and when you need to move inside and still send it out right. During one early afternoon practice session with some friends, I was bowling on a pair that hadn’t been oiled since league the night before. I saw two people throw shots that checked up in the 30-35ft range and really flattened out at the pins. I immediately grabbed the Misfit Pearl and turned some heads. Aside from the sexy appearance, this ball has the performance to back it up. In that instance, I could play 4th arrow with a comfortable release and never had to worry about the ball checking up early. The ball got to the correct breakpoint downlane, flipped hard, and finished through the pins with authority. This ball was sending messengers flying for me while some of my buddies were having trouble getting the 5 out. As if the color of the ball didn’t get enough attention, the reaction it gives sure does. I bowled several games that day and ended up right at 5th arrow. Not one weak 10 left all day. During the last fill ball, I lofted the gutter about 6th arrow out to 12 at the breakpoint and still slapped the 10 out. Not many bowling balls give me that much excitement over one shot. The original Misfit that I owned (Blue/Orange) definitely rolled up slightly earlier than I expected and wasn’t a true dry lane ball in that aspect. This Misfit Pearl for me gets at least 3-5 feet further downlane for me and gives a superb amount of backend reaction. Now this is a true dry lane ball! From my original Misfit, I have the Misfit Pearl being right at 5-6 boards weaker overall (however my layout on the original Misfit was a little stronger). This reduction in hook all came from the extra length. I will also add that the backend strength of the Misfit Pearl is slightly stronger than the original due to the pearl additive. In comparison to the Brunswick Meanstreak, once again the Misfit Pearl is about 6 boards weaker overall and a foot or two longer downlane. My Meanstreak also has less angle than the Misfit pearl but the Meanstreak does have a stronger and more arcing layout.

I also recently bowled a tournament on “mystery” synthetic overlays. The only thing I know about them is that they are soft and hook a lot! They flooded them with enough oil to give me a good look with my Aura on the fresh. Once the pattern blew apart (which only took maybe 3 games), anything strong had no chance. The Meanstreak looked good for about a half game then I had to call in the Misfit Pearl. The Misfit Pearl gave me the length needed to get downlane and still pop, a reaction that mostly only the high tilt guys had. After that, everyone wanted to know about “that yellow ball”. For the next tournament there in 2 months, I’d be willing to bet that I’m not the only one with a Misfit Pearl on the racks!

This ball really delivers on its promises. The Misfit Pearl glides effortlessly through the fronts and has plenty of reaction in the backend. When all your other equipment starts picking up early and losing energy, this is the ball your need to be able to pull out of your bag next. Just after a couple weeks with it, I can’t imagine going deep in a tournament without it. While the Misfit Pearl won’t usually be in play on a fresh pattern (save for a high rev and/or low speed player on drier patterns), it exceeds all expectations when the pattern burns up. If you’re like me and struggle on drier conditions when it’s harder to get the ball through the fronts, do what I did and get you a DV8 Misfit Pearl. The weak end of any arsenal will be vastly enriched with the addition of the Misfit Pearl.

Thank you for reading. Good luck and good bowling!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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