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DV8 Marauder Madness Reviewed By: brunswick802 11/25/2012 01:00 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    228
Sport Shot Average    205-210
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 7/8" right
Bowler’s Stats:
18.5 mph
450 rpm
7 degree tilt
35-45 degree tilt

60 by 4.5” by 45
No hole
OOB Surface

By the numbers, the Marauder Madness (MM) is supposed to be slightly stronger than the Brunswick Maxxed-Out. Thus, I drilled the MM identically to a Maxxed-out of mine to give a slightly stronger look and a great 1-2 punch on heavier volume oil conditions. This layout also mimics the layout of my original Marauder.

On the lanes:
I’ve thrown this ball on the 44’ WTBA London pattern and our 39’ lower-medium volume house shot. On both, the MM provided great midlane traction and plenty of tip in the backend to carry the corners. On London, the MM allowed me to start deeper than everyone else at 4th arrow and send it out to a breakpoint of 10-11. The strong cover of the MM really let it dig into the pattern, despite the heavier volume and longer length. Traditionally, such a strong midlane read would translate to a decrease in backend response and questionable pin carry. The MM refuses to fit that mold. The carry I got from this ball was very surprising to me when taking into consideration the pattern and my ball roll. On London, the original Marauder, with its weaker cover and surface, was a whole 6 board move right with my feet and I also had to tighten up my line downlane by my moving my breakpoint into 12-13. The Maxxed-out was a 2 board move outside with my feet while keeping the same breakpoint. The Maxxed-out does have a more recovery on the backend, but less in the midlane. I can’t wait to throw the MM on more heavy volume patterns like this.
On my house shot, although on the drier side of medium volume, the MM did fine. The strength of the cover forced me to play in the meat of the pattern without really sending the ball out to the friction right. If I tried to play further right, the cover of the MM coupled with my rev rate and low tilt required me to force it through the fronts a little more than I prefer. This ball for is simply not for drier conditions. That being said, the MM was still more than useable on this pattern. I started out just inside of 4th arrow and projected it to a breakpoint of 10-11. Like before, I saw a strong midlane read and plenty of backend to slap out 10s. I have no doubt that a coat of polish would make this a great ball to smooth out the over under/reaction of house shots. The original Marauder let me move back into the easy part of the pattern by moving 5 right with my feet and 4 right with my breakpoint. The Maxxed-out only required a 1 board move right with my feet and I could target 8-9 at the break. This shows me what a great 1-2 punch the MM and Maxxed-out are for heavy-med patterns. When the MM becomes too much, I know I should be able to immediately switch to the Maxxed-out and have it project a little further downlane.

Those of you on heavier volume conditions will absolutely love the midlane bite of this ball. The same goes to those of you with higher speeds coupled with a lower rev rate on more medium conditions. In each case the Marauder Madness is a great ball to blend out the pattern and reduce the over/under seen on today’s house patterns. The way in digs into the midlane while still saving energy for the backends makes it a great choice for sport patterns and (depending on the patterns revealed) could be absolute money at Nationals this year.

Good luck and good bowling!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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