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DV8 Nightmare 14 Only Reviewed By: bannachb12 11/13/2012 13:07 ( stars)

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By: Bryan Bannach DV8 Regional Staff Member

DV8 describes the nightmare as a ball that “skids easily through the front and mid-lane with an extremely quick response to friction on the backend creating a highly continuous motion that cuts through the pins. The Nightmare with its new Class 8 Reactive coverstock is the most hooking DV8 ball to date and should be used on medium oily to oily lane conditions.”

I was not sure how I wanted to drill the Nightmare. After some discussion with my pro shop guy we decided to go with a 4” pin and a fairly large drill angle. The Nightmare comes with an Out of Box surface of 500/1000/4000 Abralon. I have never had much success with this surface so I decided to knock the surface down to 500/2000 before I even threw it.

I initially used the Nightmare on a house shot in league. The first time I threw it down the lane I could not believe my eyes when it came out of the ball return. It must have flared 8+ inches! It looked like almost the whole ball had flare rings around it. But the reaction I got out of it was not exactly what I expected. As described the Nightmare made it clean through the heads, but it never seemed to make the corner as strong as I expected. It seemed to burn itself out. I suspected that the surface I put on it, was just too much, and the ball was burning itself up way too early.
Before my tournament last weekend, I decided to change the surface slightly. I changed it to 500/1000/2000. I know it isn’t a huge change but I was hoping that the slightly higher “under” grit would help retain some energy. The reaction did change slightly but not enough to make me fall in love with this ball.

So we went back to the drawing board and plugged and re-drilled the Nightmare. This time we went with a 6x4x4 drilling, which put the pin above and slightly left of my middle finger, and the mass bias to the right of my thumb about an inch.

I now LOVE this ball! I get the reaction exactly as described. It is clean through the front. It then reads the mid-lane great, which is something I like to see, and then it makes a very strong move on the backend. This ball now makes it back from ANYWHERE on the lane! When I need to move in and open up my angles this ball allows me to do just that. It also lets me close them down and play square when the lanes are tight. It is amazing what the right drilling can do!

As a recommendation to people looking to drill the Nightmare, if you are a high rev player, try not to drill it with too strong of a pin. I did, and it did nothing but burn itself up. This ball is very strong on it’s own, it does not need the help of a layout to make it move.

Bryan Bannach
DV8 Regional Staff Member

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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