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Brunswick Meanstreak Reviewed By: baer300 11/08/2012 21:53 ( stars)

The Meanstreak is the new release in the High Performance ball in the Brunswick line up. The Meanstreak takes the Versa Max and makes it even better. They have designed a new core and created a new cover. This new combo makes this ball blow through the fronts cleaner than any Brunswick ball to date.
I have drilled 2 of these,
First one is drilled 55x5x40 with a hole 1.5 inches down on my VAL. With this ball being so clean and very angular off the spot I wanted to drill it to utilize it that way. This ball is super clean and comes off the spot very nice. It has more back end than a Versa drilled 85x6x25 with more continuation.
This ball is so clean I really wanted to test it. I drilled the 2nd one 30x4.5x70 with a hole on my PAP. This ball really shocked me. The ball is still really clean and really angular down lane. I have a Versa drilled 30x5x70 with a hole on my PAP. The difference is unreal. Much cleaner and more angular compared to the Versa.
The Meanstreak is just as good as the Versa Max is. Where is separates itself from the Versa is the legnth of usability. The ball will start off a few boards weaker than the Versa but will last longer and will eventually be a few boards more when the pattern burns up. This is a great addition to an already amazing line. Be sure to get yours when they are released on November 14th!!
Adam Baer
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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