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DV8 Marauder Madness Reviewed By: bannachb12 10/31/2012 11:38 ( stars)

Marauder Madness Review
By: Bryan Bannach DV8 Regional Staff Member
DV8 describes the Marauder Madness as “clean through the front, digs in the mid-lane to create a very strong and continuous motion that drives through the pins. The Class 5G coverstock maintains proper grip throughout the lane on medium-oily to light oil lane conditions.”
When I heard the description of the Marauder Madness I immediately knew the layout I wanted to put in this ball. I went with my good old trusty 5x3x5 with a P2 X Hole control layout. I have had this layout in both a Reckless and a Misfit and they have come to be 2 of my favorite balls. This layout gives me great mid-lane and a strong controlled arcing reaction on the backend. I was hoping the Marauder Madness would give me this same motion with a stronger overall reaction. I left the surface at Out of Box because I thought the 4000 Abralon would only add to the controlled reaction.
After my first night in league I knew this ball was going to become one of my favorites. But after using it on a few different patterns this ball has become my all-time favorite ball.
I first used the Marauder Madness on an extremely wet/dry house. This ball blended out the pattern better than any ball I have thrown in some time. If I missed out early, the Madness would bleed some energy and make a controlled move of the friction. While it bled some energy to control the reaction, it still had plenty when it got to the pins. On the flip side, if I pulled it into the puddle, it still read the mid-lane and got into a roll. Creating great carry, and allowing me to play any part of the lane.
The next pattern I used the Madness on was on the Viper pattern on AMF HPLs. The pattern played vastly different across the house. While others were struggling with transition from lane to lane, I was able to keep the pocket in play with very minute moves using the Madness. Regardless of the pair differences the Madness always picked up its roll, and didn’t over-react or under-react, like other balls were.
Finally I used the Madness on the 40ft Athens pattern on extremely old wood lanes. This pattern had a ton of hook on the backend. Anything with shine, or an angular drilling was very inconsistent at the breakpoint. Once again, I was able to use the Madness and control the pocket. It read the pattern on that old wood surface very hard, and while it was making a strong move, it was controllable. While others were struggling with controlling the pocket I had no issue. I was second high in qualifying at +83 for 4 games, with the cut to the top 8 being -17. I went on to win the tournament, switching to an original Marauder in the finals because the heads were too burnt and the surface on the Madness would not allow it to get through any longer.
The class 5G coverstock is something very special. It is clean through the fronts while still reading the mid-lane and getting in a roll. It handles oil as well as friction, and never seems to lose reaction. This is my go-to ball when I need to keep the ball in play. I have been able to use it on various volumes of oil, and that makes this ball very dangerous for the competition!

Bryan Bannach
DV8 Regional Staff Member

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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