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Storm Fire Road Reviewed By: jamesfreemanstudio.com 10/29/2012 15:32 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Stroker
PAP    4 1/2 right, 5/8 down
Layout: 35° x 5" x 25°

All of the reviews of this ball are from crankers or tweeners, so I thought I'd write one from the perspective of a mere mortal. I'm a relative beginner, having bowled for about 4 years, currently averaging about 195 house, 180 sport. My ball speed is moderate, about 16 MPH, and I have what I would consider low to moderate revs.

I bowl on old wood lanes which transition quickly. I bought the Fire Road to use as my second ball, after my Virtual Energy starts to get jumpy, to be followed up by my Tropical Heat Pearl or my Natural for the last game when the lanes are fried. As soon as I threw the Fire Road, however, that plan went out the window.

The Fire Road is simply amazing; WAY stronger than I had anticipated. Even on a fresh shot, it out-hooks my Virtual Energy. On most nights I can start out with the Fire Road and stay with it for 2 1/2 or sometimes all three games, simply moving left and swinging it as the lanes dry out.

I have always been envious of the relatively huge target those with a lot of hand enjoy, and always felt that as a stroker I had to thread the needle on every shot. While I still don't have as much room as the big boys to miss to the right, with the Fire Road I do actually have some room for the first time. Even with my moderate revs, the ball will recover from a modest miss to the right, and it's hold on a pulled shot is equally amazing.

I used my Fire Road for the first five games of a six game tournament on synthetic lanes last week (USBC blue pattern, I think), and the look as well as the hook were about the same as on wood, still with decent recovery and good hold. I can't say enough good things about this ball!

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