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Brunswick C (System) maxxed-out Reviewed By: baer300 08/30/2012 20:27 ( stars)

Re: Brunswick C-System Maxxed Out
« Reply #9 on: August 07, 2012, 08:54:24 PM »
The all new C System Maxxed Out is the big brother to great Versa Max. This ball has been added to compliment the Versa Max when there is more oil and you need more hook. The Maxxed Out is at least 4 and 2 stronger than the Versa Max.
I drilled 2 of these. First one is drilled 65x5 3/4x40. I wanted this ball to use more on house shots in league. I haven't bowled on many house shots since drilling this ball but have still thrown it some. This layout will allow the ball to clear the fronts easily and have a sharper motion down lane. This ball does not flip but does have a strong motion down lane.
The second one is drilled RICO. I have used this layout on alot of balls in the past but haven't used it recently. So I thought I would use it on this and see what is gave me. This layout still clears the fronts without effort and comes around the corner nicely. I have used this going pretty straight and hooking most of the lane. A simple tweak in my release would allow me to hook it even more but there are better options as the lanes breakdown.
The new Maxxed Out is very similar to Versa just stronger. Gives you the same ease through the fronts and a very predictable move down lane. If you like the Versa and need a some more hook drill a Maxxed Out. You will NOT be disappointed!!
Adam Baer
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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