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900 Global Sure Thing MEGA DEAL Reviewed By: thesorce 08/29/2012 11:40 ( stars)

This could be that one ball you need to complete your arsenal! All of us have bowled in tournaments and went, “Boy if only I had that one ball”. Well, this is that “one ball”! I was surprised at how smooth the motion for the Sure Thing is, and how controllable the ball is no matter what the lane condition is.
With just a slight change in release or speed, this ball goes from a light oil ball to something that can fight through medium conditions without a problem. We tried a different layout with the pin being just below my middle finger. Where you might think, well that isn’t going to help that ball’s performance that much, it is absolutely perfect for lighter or shorter lane conditions.
The first test for this ball was on the very short “Stockholm” pattern and it was great. I was able to play anywhere between 6 and 8 and not have to worry about staying too firm with the speed. Anytime you can throw your normal shot, the better we all are!
I bowled with this ball on both Wood and Synthetic lanes and saw very similar results. This is one ball that will be in my tournament bag for a long, long time. I am left handed with medium speed and revs.

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