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Lane #1 Droid Reviewed By: LEWGREEN 08/27/2012 15:07 ( stars)

I got the Droid as a birthday gift. It was recommended to my wife by a local pro/instructor who said it is the right design for the way he’s seen me throw in our league. I have used a 14 lb. Gyro Urethane ball for years without having to worry about quantity of oil on the lanes or on the ball, or dirt or nicks on the ball. Using this same ball for both strikes and spares, without caring for the ball’s surface, I’ve improved my average from 160 to 170 over the last year. I take a 3 step approach standing with my left toe positioned well behind the center marker and I raise the ball waist high in front of me and then arc it back about waist high and swing it forward putting it down with lots of lift near the rightmost dot. The ball usually heads almost straight towards the 1-3 pocket and curves into it as it hits. My speed averages between 15 and 17+ mph.
I was advised to have the 14 lb. Droid fitted and drilled by a certain shop pro identical to my Gyro. Since then, I’ve bowled 14 games over 5 days in 2 weeks and had the following experiences.
At first, I thought that I might have to adjust my approach and throw to accommodate the expected “hard backend arc” as had been shown in the videos. But soon I realized that to have any success I had to do everything as I had been doing with the Gyro. The only difference I am able to detect is that maybe as the ball is about to hit the pin(s) it curves into them a little more than before. Thus, I must conclude that for me, there is very little difference and effect using the Droid versus the Gyro. The biggest difference is when going for a 10-pin spare, I have to throw a little faster and aim just in front of the pin to avoid just missing it just to the left.
As to the service provided by Bowlingball.com, it was good in that they have been responsive, but my initial experience was that when the ball/gift came 7 days after ordering it, it was the Pearl Droid instead of the Droid. So I had to wait another whole week to get what I’d ordered. A Return no-cost shipping label was included for UPS.

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