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Brunswick Nexxxus f(P S) Reviewed By: brunswick802 07/27/2012 22:30 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    228
Sport Shot Average    205-210
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    4 7/8" right
Brunswick Nexxxus f(P+S) aka Triple X
Bowler Stats:
Right handed
PAP: 4 ¾” right
Speed: 18-18.5 mph
Rev Rate: 450 rpm
Axis rotation: 20-45 degrees
Axis Tilt: 15 degrees

40* by 5” by 45*

This ball is supposed to have the sharpest breakpoint of anything on the market while still covering a lot of boards. I drilled this ball with a favorite layout that I use for all of my asymmetric equipment so that I could really see what this ball can do and how it stands up to the Nexxus f(P+R) and other equipment in my bag. I wanted this ball to be the go-to ball for playing inside on medium to heavy conditions.

OH MY GOD….. This ball is unreal. I wish I could rate this ball a 7 out of 5... The Nexxxus f(P+S) gives me more recovery than any ball I have ever thrown, hands down. On a fresh house shot, this ball should be illegal. It literally would have taken more skill to not hit the pocket. I could stand left, throw right and it watch it wheel back from everywhere. If I missed right, it checked up hard and made its way back to the pocket with a vengeance. If I tugged it inside, the polished cover would scoot through the hold and snap out 10s hard. There are several amazing things I found with this ball. First, although it was on a house shot, this ball gave me more miss room than anything I think I’ve ever owned. Secondly, this ball finishes incredibly strong through the pins. Even when I was playing really far in and/or tugged in inside a bit, the Nexxxus would still go hard through the rack and would still finish behind the 8 pin for me. A ball that lets you really get this far inside, while still maintaining incredible carry to snap out 10s and finish hard through the pins, is really a gem to find. Thirdly, when I really got in and slow hooked the lane, the ball still went through the pins like I was throwing it 18-18.5mph. This much retention of carry percentage is rare to find in my opinion. On Scorpion, the Nexxxus allowed me to stand further left, and throw further right than anything else (even my fresh Maxxxed-outs and the Double X Nexxus couldn’t loop the ball that much). On fresh Scorpion, I could play 4th arrow out to a break point of 6-7 with the Triple X, where as with the Double X, I could make a small parallel move inside to keep the ball in the heart of the pattern. As the Scorpion pattern broke down, the Triple X started looking even better. I could also really hit up the back of the ball and play up 5-6 with relative ease. I finished the night playing 5th arrow out to 9-10 at the breakpoint and was still leaving 9 pins from the insane entry angle being created. On medium length and medium volume patterns, you will see the Triple X hook about the same total amount as the Double X while definitely having more backend. When you get to heavier volumes of oil, this is when you are going to see more of the difference between the Triple X and Double X. On heavy oil, I have the Double X being generally a 3 board move inside with my feet and a board inside with my eyes in comparison to the new Triple X. Regardless, you will see the Double X being smoother overall than the Triple X. This isn’t to say that the Double X is smooth, because it isn’t, I’m just talking about it comparison to the Triple X. Although the ball excels with a decent amount of head oil, I found it very easy to change hand positions and float the ball through the fronts when needed. However, with the amount of recovery this ball has, it’s better adjustment to just jump inside because you can trust that this ball is coming back.

Final thoughts:
In my honest opinion, the Nexxxus f(P+S) is the ultimate league bowling ball. No other ball on the market is going to let you move in and take this much advantage of the pattern. Similarly, I see this being a great ball for me when medium to heavy sport conditions breakdown and have some defined friction to throw at, especially when I can start moving inside. This ball is going to be in my bag for a long time. It gives me a look I’ve never had before and gives me the confidence that when I throw this ball to the right, nothing can stop it from making its way back to the pocket! I honestly think this ball will win the “Ball of the year” title from various magazines and websites, although the new Maxxed-out give it a run for its money also! If you still think Brunswick doesn’t have a ball with any backend, I suggest you get with the times and give the Nexxxus a go. It’s truly a magnificent addition to my bag, and I believe it will be to yours as well.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and good bowling!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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