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Motiv 2Cruel Reviewed By: zman 07/09/2012 13:37 ( stars)

Ive been waiting for that one strong piece, that one piece that gave me the advantage ( for a tweener) on the heavy oil patterns. That sought after reaction off the back end even when the friction area was small. This piece it THAT ball. I was so ready for something that gave me the reaction I desperately needed on the heavy oil that when I heard this ball was coming I couldn’t wait to get it in my hands. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed in the least.
This ball reads the oil like a champ and reacts incredibly strong off the back of the pattern. It’s very strong and like everything in the Motiv line STRONG through the pins. The hitting power of this ball is incredible and the predictability off the spot makes this ball my go to out of the bag Game 1.
I drill 2 pieces with my favorite layouts one pin up and one pin down…for me in most cases the pin down drillings perform the best. In this case both layout performed well as the pin down allowed me to get in a zone left deeper than I have been able to play to date while the pin up version was longer but stronger off the friction. The combination of these to layouts gives me a ton of flexibility as the lanes transition and keeps me in my comfort zone for maximum games!
If you are looking for that new high end piece to add to your arsenal or if you are new to MOTIV don’t be afraid of this one! You will not be disappointed! Give it a try---GET MOTIVATED!


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