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Columbia 300 Freeze Solid Black/Purple/Yellow Reviewed By: tvostry 06/09/2012 22:44 ( stars)

Freeze Solid

The Freeze Solid was an addition to the lower mid line of Freezes this spring. It has the same proven Messenger core as the traditional Freezes, with a New Era Solid coverstock. This ball really expanded the line, along with the Freeze Hybrid, to give more diversity in ball motion to the same level of strength. The box surface is shined, but I took the option to scuff it to 2000 abralon.

The Freeze Solid is significantly smoother and stronger than the original Freezes, no matter what surface the coverstock is at. I would be more inclined to compare it to the Benchmark or Outburst because all three give a similar ball motion, even though all three have large differences in strength. Compared to the Benchmark, I would have the Solid at 4 or 5 boards weaker with similar layouts (Freeze Solid 105 x 4 1/2 x 65, Benchmark 95 x 4 1/2 x 75) and surfaces (2000 abralon). Compared to the Outburst, it is about 8 or 9 boards weaker. However, these ball motions are extremely similar. Compared to the original Freeze, the Solid is about 2 to 4 feet sooner with a much smoother reaction off the back of the pattern. The Solid is 3 to 4 boards stronger than the original Freeze. Overall, my opinion of this ball is very positive, not to mention it looks pretty cool! For those of you that love your Freeze, I would highly suggest grabbing one of these Freeze Solids. This ball would be perfect for straighter, lower revolution players that have trouble getting the ball through the front part of the lane, or for those that do not want to give up too much of the head pin on a house shot. Lower volume, tougher, and shorter sport patterns will give the Freeze Solid the best look. Look for the Freeze Solid in your local pro shop today!

Tyler Vostry
Junior Team USA 2012
Columbia 300 Ambassador

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