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Motiv Raptor Attack Reviewed By: Motiv Girl 03/15/2012 18:31 ( stars)

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Write Review HereMy information:
Right Handed,Ball Speed-15mph average
Rev Rate-280 average,Axis tilt-45degrees
Axis tilt-15 degrees
Ball Drilling:65x50 @41/2" P-2.5 X-hole.
With 1"bit @ 1" deep.
Ball used 15 lbs 3oz. 3.3 oz. top weight
and a 3 1/2" pin.
Lanes used on:
Pro Anvilane -2 1/2 years old.Medium volume of play.
38'house shot
Anvilane-12 years old.High volume of play.
41' house shot
Ball Specs for Raptor Attack:
Core-Predator,Coverstock-Atomix SFP Pearl Reactive
Box Finish-2000 wet/sand and Power Gel Finish
RG-15 lb.2.46,Diff.-15lb. .060,Int. Diff.-15lb..015
Color:Purple/Silver/Black with green and white logos
The MOTIV Raptor Attack is a first for MOTIV.The RA
is the first asymmetrical pearl ball.
The Raptor Attack is much cleaner through the heads
than the Raptor.The Atomix SPF pearl cover helps create
a much cleaner look through the midlane.
The Raptor Attack is more angular than than Raptor and
responds to the friction at the backend quicker.
The low RG core helps keep the Raptor Attack from
going to long,but still retains the early revving motion
of the Raptor,but the Atomix SPF cover gets it through
the heads easier.
The ease through the heads helped store up energy for
the backend without giving up much traction in the
The aggressive move at the breakpoint sets up nicely for the
tremendous down lane recovery.
The core and cover combo allows the Raptor Attack to
quickly respond to the friction,and keep going when
other balls would be quitting and have a tendency to
stand up.
Going around the pattern is made a whole lot easier when
you feel confident that the ball isn't going to roll-out.When
the ball does encounter friction it makes a a very impressive
continuous motion.
I feel that the Raptor Attack can be used as a heavy oil ball
for players with slower ball speed and a medium oil ball for
players with speed and higher revs.
In my opinion,the Raptor Attack is a very versatile ball.It
has the ability to handle shots pointed at the pocket from
five and out and from five arrow.
I have used the RA on a variety of conditions on the house
shot.From fresh oil,second shift,to second day leftovers.And
I can say without a doubt,that the Raptor Attack performs
above all my expectations.
One ball one drilling and it worked well on all those conditions.
Angela Wilt-MOTIV Staff member

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