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Motiv Sigma Tour Reviewed By: emciver79 09/09/2011 22:08 ( stars)

About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
League Average    225
Sport Shot Average    000
Ball Speed    Fast
Style    Tweener
PAP    5 1/4 over 1/4 up
Are you looking for a new “GO-TO” ball that gets through the heads, is strong at the breakpoint, and still very predictable? Look no further! The new Sigma Tour from MOTIV is your ball.

This is one of my initial MOTIV balls that I drilled as a new MOTIV Staffer. I am a high speed/high rev player. I drilled this in a stacked leverage position with a 4inch Pin from PAP. This places the pin to the right of my ring finger and the CG is in a straight line below the pin (stacked). Due to the CG being kicked out from my palm, a weight hole was necessary. I put a hole in the lower vertical quadrant and half way between my vertical access line and thumb. This is one of my very standard drill patterns that I have used my entire life. This drill pattern typically gives me medium skid with a strong backend motion. I must say “SUCCESS!” This drill pattern works perfectly for me with the new Sigma Tour, if not better than other balls I have drilled in the past.

I have now used this ball on 2 patterns (Typical House Shot at 40 feet and Kegel Boardwalk at 35 feet). On the THS, the Sigma Tour got through the heads in a very controlled motion, hit the mark and gave a very strong motion to the pocket. I was never concerned about over/under reacting. If I hit the dry a bit early, it still held and did not overreact. Same went for pulling the ball a bit inside towards the oil; it was strong enough to have the traction in the oil necessary to still hit the pocket. As for the Kegel Boardwalk, this pattern is typically played near the gutter. I was able to score “ok” near the gutter, however, this Sigma Tour allowed me to move my feet a little bit more towards the middle and play around the track area (12-7). Typically on a short pattern, you will have a lot of over/under in this area as if you miss out towards the gutter, it won’t recover, and if you pull it, it will make a strong move to the opposite pocket due to the short oil. Not with the Sigma Tour! I could miss out as it was strong enough to recover, and I had a little “tug room” as the ball was controlled and held towards the pocket.

I am excited to continue throwing this ball as it is very versatile and gives me a strong, predictable motion. I would classify this as a medium ball and can be used over a wide variety of patterns and lengths of oil. If you are a league bowler bowling on a Typical House Shot, this piece of equipment would give you a ball to use for all 3 or 4 games. If you are a tournament bowler bowling over a wide variety of patterns, this will be your “Go-To” ball and probably used the most out of your entire arsenal.

Eric McIver


Regional PBA Member

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