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Motiv Sigma Tour Reviewed By: Superdave 09/09/2011 10:57 ( stars)

The MOTIV Sigma Tour is the latest release building on an already proven successful core design seen previously in the SR2 and SX1. The Sigma Tour takes the proven Sigma core and wraps it in the new Atomix cover. The Sigma Tour is designed for more of a skid/flip type reaction.

I recently drilled two Sigma Tours, the first with a 45x4.5x35 layout. This places the both the pin and the cg in a stacked position. I’m a right hander with moderate rev rate and this layout provides me with the length and a sharper move off the break point down lane. I have thrown this ball on a 41-ft house pattern as well as Team USA Seoul pattern. On the both patterns, this layout is dominant. The ball glides through the heads with ease, reading the mid lane and providing a strong move off the break point. As the house pattern broke down, the ball didn’t disappoint. Carry down didn’t affect the balls ability to turn the corner. Typically bowling balls will seemingly lose their reaction while fighting the carry down leaving flat corner pins. The Sigma Tour plowed straight on through without sacrificing hitting ability. The second layout I used was 65x3.75x35. This layout places the pin ½” right of my ring finger and the pin 5/8” right of the mid line. This particular layout is calmer on the house pattern off the break point. The layout alters the reaction from more skid/flip to strong arc. As seen with the first layout, this ball handles well in carry down and won’t over react on the backends. On Seoul, this ball gave me a strong continuous look off the break point driving through the pin deck. Overall, this ball is a must have for any bowler, especially a MOTIVated bowler!!

This ball is something special in the MOTIV line and will undoubtedly make noise this season. Comparing the Sigma to the QZ2 line; if the QZs have too much length and not enough drive for the condition then switch to the Sigma Tour. It reads the mid-lane well while storing enough energy to turn the corner and destroy the pocket.

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