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Brunswick Massive Damage Reviewed By: baer300 09/05/2011 20:48 ( stars)

I drilled my first Massive with my favorite layout... 70x5x40 no hole. With this ball being similar to the Anaconda I wanted to see more length than I got out of the Anacondas.

This ball for me has been cleaner through the fronts and more angular than the Anaconda. So far I am very impressed by this ball. Of the new releases this was the one I wasn't sure of for me. After using this ball it will be used alot. I get a good clean read through the fronts with a reaction that is dependable. I know what the ball is going to do and where it will. The Massive will serve as my benchmark ball to see what the pattern is doing.

I drilled my 2nd Massive with a 30x6x70 with a P3 hole. I drilled this one to be smoother on the back. I wanted this for another benchmark option when bowling on higher friction surfaces.

The long pin on this ball allows the ball to be clean through the fronts but not come off the pattern to hard. When bowling on higher friction surfaces I can use this ball to see where and what I should be throwing. The Massive is suprisingly stronger than I thought it would be. It goes through the pins well

Adam Baer
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Regional Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation

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