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Brunswick C (System) ulti-max Reviewed By: pooterboof@yahoo.com 08/07/2011 17:16 ( stars)

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About the Bowler
Bowling Hand    Right Handed
Experience    Advanced (I have bowled in a league)
Ball Speed    Medium
Style    Tweener
PAP    5 3/8 over, 3/16 up
Ball: Brunswick C-(System) ulti-max


Pin 5” from PAP above fingers
60-degree locator line angle
(Dual-angle: 60 by 5” by 30)
XH on PAP, 31/32” by 2 1/2” deep

Initial Surface Preparation:

Box finish


To give me an asymmetrical ball to use for medium to medium-dry conditions. The last ball that I had in this category was the C-(System) 2.5, and while this ball worked well for me at times, I had to have a clean ball path with a blend from side to side and from front to back in order to get a predictable ball reaction, as the 2.5 would tend to bounce off of friction, and flutter a bit on choppy conditions or when there was some push down lane.


In my tournament bag, I have a C-(System) alpha-max and a Wicked Siege, both drilled with the pin 5” from my PAP, above the fingers, and a 60-degree locator line angle. Thus, for comparison purposes, I went with a C-(System) ulti-max with a 3 ¾” pin-to-CG distance, so that I could use this layout. I did need to put a balance hole on my PAP to get the ending statics legal.

The first time I used the C-(System) ulti-max was on a house pattern with some play on it, at a center with Pro Anvilanes. The ulti-max was clean through the front part of the lane, cleaner than the Wicked Siege, but it read the midlane earlier than the C-(S) v4.5. The move at the break was strong, but not as abrupt as that of the v4.5 or the 2.5. The ulti-max exhibited the same superior pin movement and carry and as the previous C-(System) balls.

Since then, I’ve used the C-(System) ulti-max on house shots at several centers, and on a few Kegel patterns. For the most part, the house shots that I’ve been seeing have had quite a bit of friction, and because of this, I’ve been forced to play further to the left than usual, due to the way the ulti-max responds to friction. I never had trouble getting the ball to recover, though, even when I had to use head belly from further inside. On fresher house shots, I did find that the shiny surface was giving me a bit of over-under, but to be fair, I would be more inclined to use the C-(System) alpha-max on the fresh, to blend the condition more from front to back.

I was particularly impressed with the performance of the C-(System) ulti-max on the more challenging conditions. The one thing that I really liked about the C-(System) 2.5 was its adeptness at creating area on flatter patterns, and the C-(System) ulti-max was no different in this regard. With the shiny factory surface preparation, I was afraid that the ulti-max might push too far and break loose of the lane, and while its reaction in front is extremely clean, the ulti-max will start up quickly enough to where it can open up the midlane better than the C-(System) v4.5.

Before the release of the C-(System) alpha-max, the C-(System) series has been fairly condition-specific for me. Each ball had a condition where it would work well, but the line didn’t have the same level of versatility as the Siege or Revolver series, and thus the C-(S) balls would end up being arsenal pieces in my tournament bag. The alpha-max was different, though, notably in how it had a more controllable midlane reaction without sacrificing its strength through the pin deck. The C-(System) ulti-max is continuing this trend, and will be a good “go-to” ball for conditions where the alpha-max is burning too early.

The C-(System) ulti-max has the look of the v4.5 through the heads, but reads the midlane sooner than the v4.5, and less abruptly than the 2.5. The move off of the friction is not as jumpy as that of the v4.5 or 2.5, but is stronger than that of the Wicked Siege or the Revolver series.

Right now, I’m using the C-(System) ulti-max as a complement to the Massive Damage for medium conditions. I’ll use the Massive to play more direct lines, and the ulti-max when I can use more of the friction, or when I want to open up the lane more.

NOTE: The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

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