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Storm Marvel Pearl Reviewed By: BillyTrudell 07/23/2011 15:10 ( stars)

Marvel Pearl

Storms’ latest release is the Marvel Pearl. The Marvel pearl is part of storms master line of bowling balls set below the premier line and above the thunder line. The marvel pearl utilizes a pearlized version of the R2X coverstock with the Low RG centripetal core found in both the Marvel and the Prodigy. The prodigy also featured the R2X coverstock with ETM,(enhanced traction mica) designed to Provide more traction in the midlane while being clean through the heads. With the E.T.M removed from the shell the Marvel will be cleaner though the front, slightly longer though the mid part of the lane while the core is starting up. This will generate more of a skid flip reaction. The centripetal core will provide a predicable yet strong break point to the pocket due to its low RG design. My intentions with the Marvel pearl is to have that strong symmetrical pearl that will give me length, midlane, and just the right amount of both controllability and angularity down lane.
The lay out I chose for my marvel pearl was one similar to a recent prodigy that I had drilled. I had been experimenting with extremely long pin to CG balls and using extremely high pin over lay outs. First my prodigy was drilled with a Dual angle lay out of 80x5x10. This put the pin about 3.5 inches above my fingers and an unmarked mass bias just above my thumb. On the marvel pearl I used a dual angle layout of 70x5x20. This layout put the pin high again only not as high as the prodigy. No weight holes were used in either ball.
When I got out on to the lanes on to a fresh house shot on AMF hpl surface, I found that the prodigy was really clean through the front yet picked up really strong in the midlane using a lot of energy there and really smoothed out a lot more than I thought it would with the pin over drilling. The prodigy seemed to quit more in the back. Next the I used the marvel pearl out of the box with its 1500 reacta shine finish. I decided to keep my feet in the same spot as I was right around 17 targeting 13 and hitting 8 at the break point. First shot with it was extremely clean through the front. I noticed that the core was quick to rev how ever and the break point seemed more archy than I had expected for a pearl ball. That shot went high so I moved my feet in. After moving in I noticed I had a lot more room down lane at the break point. The ball almost seemed like it had a jekle and hyde type of personality, it was controllable when it needed to be yet angular if it needed to be, like if I got the ball in down lane it held line and quickly created the angle it needed to kick the corner pins. However if I I got the ball wide at the break point the ball did not snap it set itself up and and had more of an arch type reaction to the 1 3 pocket and didn’t go high as long as I was deep enough with my feet in the starting position.
Overall the Marvel pearl is perfect for anyone looking for that controllable skid snap reaction. The R2X coverstock is really strong and the centripetal core really complements it by providing the ball with a strong controllable reaction from the break point to the pocket.

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