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900 Global Wisdom Reviewed By: MNGlobal900 07/18/2011 18:16 ( stars)

This ball is one that I have been waiting for. I needed a stronger pearl that was symmetrical and could do more down lane than my long shot, enter the wisdom. I drilled mine pin up and kicked the CG out an inch and a half with a hole, gave me a ball that was 5 boards stronger down lane than my long shot drilled the same way. The ball is sickly good, comparable to the victory road. The only difference, this ball doesn’t smell like an old plate of pancakes covered in cheap store brand syrup that you left laying out after a wild bender. In all seriousness though, this ball is great for guys who need to get in and open up the lane but don’t want to sacrifice control. Pin up with the CG kicked and a hole will produce a ball that likes to get down the lane, make a controllable turn and go through the deck like a runaway freight train. So wise up, get yourself a wisdom for when you encounter drier lanes this season!

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