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Storm 2 Furious Reviewed By: UF Bowling 06/14/2011 10:23 ( stars)

Pin Length - 3in
Ball Weight - 15 lbs

Layout: 'Label' drilling, pin above and left of the ring finger and CG 1" from center of grip
X Hole (if needed) - On PAP

Rev Rate - Stroker
Ball Speed - 15-16 mph
Track - High track

Grit - Factory, 2000 abralon; changed to 4000 abralon

Length - 40 ft
Volume - 28 ml
Type - House Shot

This ball is great for any house shot or medium length sport shot. At 2000 abralon the ball has a nice continuous arc to the pocket, starting in the midlane and moving evenly through the backend. At 4000 abralon it still picks up nicely in the mid lane and gives a strong backend reaction. This ball is my 'benchmark' ball, it does a great job of reading the lanes and showing me where the transition and friction (or lack thereof) begins. At 2000 grit it really shows you where the midlane friction is, and helps you decide if you need to go to a stronger or weaker ball.

This ball does great on any house shot, and on medium length sport shots like the PBA Viper shot. Even for lower rev players, this ball has enough midlane and backend to let bowlers move in from the outside and play the track area. It is one of the best balls for the money out there.
Aaron Trulock

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