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Bowled Solutions Griips Glove Black Reviewed By: eric.conchola@okstate.edu 05/06/2011 16:34 ( stars)

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To give some background information, I do not have a lot of hand, and have always had to use grips. I have been bowling for 20 years and average around 218 in my THS league. With that being said, I purchased this device because I was intrigued about the idea of the long-gevity of life span of the griips glove and the amount of $ that could be saved without having to keep purchasing new grips.

Today was that first time that I had tried the glove and here is my review. As other have mentioned, the overall design of the glove in theory is great, but the velcro part (which is in the palm of the hand just above the thumb) does get in the way. I did notice that this glove allows for the fingers to exit the ball much quicker at the release point compared to when the grips are glued in. For me, this kept causing me to *miss* the ball at the bottom, also missing the ball at the bottom of the release caused very inconsistent ball roll and carry. After 2 games I finally become more comfortable with releasing the ball out in front of me. The second problem that I faced was ball speed. Since I was having to now try a lot harder, and focus about getting my hand through the ball more, my ball speed dropped about 2mph.

Pros: consistent feel from ball to ball, a great training tool to teach bowlers that they need to come around the ball on a consistent basis to allow for good ball roll

Cons: Bad design with the velcro in the palm, caused me to lose 2mph on my first shot average. I could not put as much on the ball, compared to when I had the grips glued in.

In summary, I think this design is better suited as a good practice tool to help bowlers focus on their release and can help them get through the ball more. For rev dominant players, I do not know if this device will be worth while. I can testify that no soreness or rubbing ever did occur with my fingers, they are perfectly fine and are ready for many more games!

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