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Turbo 2-N-1 Grips Formula Xcel Oval Thumb Insert Reviewed By: walttaormina@gmail.com 03/30/2011 00:17 ( stars)

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For Me, this is the greatest invention ever for the thumb hole. Forget wasting your money on Switch Grip or the It or whatever it is called. I first ordered 5 different sizes of the Xcel Turbo thumb not being sure what size would be best for me. I learned the 1 1/16" Oval, which is the biggest size they make was perfectly snug around my entire thumb, like my thumb was used to make the mold for this size! (I just returned the other 4 that were all too small) When I put it in, it felt too snug, so i sanded it with 80 grit paper, then finished it with 200 grit, vacuumed out the insert, then wiped it out with rubbing alcohol and the fit is better than any pro shop expert ever drilled for me in 30 years, and I had some of the best in NJ drilling for me. I can now reproduce this exact size and feel in any ball I want, and it will never break or have an issue! And by the way.....did I mention it costs a whopping $6.00????!!!! You can have Switch Grip for $45 or so installed, I now do my own thumb better with NO coned taper that is common in an oval thumb custom cut, etc. Note: because you need to set the insert on an angle, be it 20 degrees or 40*, or whatever is your angle, that can be the biggest challenge, so DO NOT use super glue to install it cause you have NO work time. Use a 5 minute epoxy so you can move it to the perfect angle, and then let it set up. Also, leave it above the surface of the ball approx. 1/16", after it sets up, take a new razor knife to trim off the excess, (it cuts and sands like butter btw) then 80 grit to soften the sharp edge, then finish with 200, then alcohol, and you will have a system you can repeat and have unbeatable consistency in size and feel! Good Luck!

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