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Storm Virtual Gravity NANO Reviewed By: eloring1 03/27/2011 23:03 ( stars)

I am a in between a tweener and stroker. I do not have a lot of revs but have medium ball speed. I have owned aggressive balls in the past (Taboo, siege, pure physics etc..) and nothing has come close to what this ball has done for me. I have it 2 oz of top wieght 2-3 in pin and put the CG right in the middle of my grip. There is no balance hole needed. This ball is beast. Absolutely turns the corner. It has opened up a whole new part of the lane that I never thought possible. I was starting to get into a lull and wasnt looking forward to bowling anymore. I am not excited about bowling and look forward to every time I get to go. This is my first storm ball and it wont be my last. I could talk for hours about this ball. Just know that it works great for heavy oil and if you move left it works as it breaks down. I love it.

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Read all 126 reviews


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