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Hammer Taboo Reviewed By: donspo 03/19/2011 10:40 ( stars)

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Right Handed
Advanced Experience
Average 205

I thought I would write this review since most of what I read is "this is the best ball EVER"!! A couple of my friends bought this ball and I jumped on the wagon. I was looking for a ball with a lot more hook to play on lanes with heavy oil right after dressing. I was looking at the Infinite Theory, the Virtual Gravity Nano, and the Tabu. With the advertising you would believe you can't keep the ball on the right side of the rack. This is not the case. I had the ball drilled skid / flip (pin over the ring finger) and found the ball at 2000 surface out of the box did not hook as much as some of my older balls. The ball went longer and it was hard to maintain the back end flip at my higher speeds (above 16 mph). If I maintain the ball speed a bit slower (around 15 mph) the ball performs fairly well and gets better continous motion (I start at about 28 board and throw to 10). Taking the ball more down the middle line isn't a bad shot since the late flip drives a good angle through the pocket with good carry. I should have looked a little closer at the drilling patterns to consider a stronger layout and may still take if back for a plug re-drill. The pattern out of the box is for Hammer asymmetric cores, so it's not Tabu specific. I hope this is a more unbiased position and not meant to indicate the ball isn't nice, just pay attention to your rev rate, speed, and lane play when considering this ball. This is the first Hammer I've ever owned. I think they're a good product.

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