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Track 916 All Terrain Reviewed By: fatheroftwoAandE@hotmail.com 03/10/2011 08:01 ( stars)

I was in the market for a new ball and i was looking at the 2Fast from storm and my pro shop manager pulled out the 916 and said it's a great ball and it would do me well. Out of the box and fresh house shot i rolled a 256,231,221. I quit bowling for about 6 years so what i had was a ball that i bought from a friend of mine and just had it redrilled when i got this. I'm a stroker so the reaction the ball carries into the pins is sometimes to much and i have to play far left and push the ball through to the 10 board on the right to get it to hit at the right angle at the pocket but i love the ball it has done me well. I have my second tournament in 3 days and I will be using this ball in it and the virtual gravity and my Freshly drilled 2Fast as back ups. My league average since I had the 916 drilled is 206 non sport shot.

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